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What is Bloat GDV?

Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV) is a rapidly progressive life-threatening condition that affects millions of dogs every year. In the beginning, the stomach fills with gas, food, foam, or air, causing the stomach to bloat, causing a gastric dilatation or enlargement. If the condition persists, the stomach continues to fill with gas and twists and progresses from…

Cleaning Your Pet’s Ears

Cleaning Your Pet’s Ears

A regular grooming routine is a must for our animal companions. Besides keeping your pet looking and feeling the best way possible, grooming your pet regularly allows you to get familiar with his or her body so that should anything out of the ordinary be noticed, you can seek help immediately without wondering if your…

A Happier, Healthier Year For You and Your Pet

A Happier, Healthier Year For You and Your Pet

During this time of year, many of us set new goals and perspectives for the year ahead. As you make your New Year’s resolutions, consider your pet as well! Here are some great ideas to promote a happier and healthier year for you and your animal companions. Eat Right Many pets can suffer from overeating…

Keep Your Pet Happy And Warm This Winter Holiday

Cold and dry air, chilling rain, and possible snow and ice can have your layering up trying to stay warm throughout the month. December is also the height of the holiday season, but it can easily become a not-so-jolly holiday for pets. However, as pet owners we know that when you are preparing yourself for…

Colder Weather Does My Pet Still a Need Flea and Tick Preventative

Colder Weather: Does My Pet Still a Need Flea and Tick Preventative?

With the colder months approaching, you may think now is a good time to hold off on purchasing and giving your pet flea and tick preventative as most plants and grass begin to die preparing for winter. However, as the fall leaves continue changing from green to amber and begin falling from their tree limbs,…

Pet Care Tips For Senior Dogs

Pet Care Tips For Senior Dogs

For most of us, a dog is part of the family and can go to any extent to ensure their well-being. Just like puppies, senior dogs need special care. While age may cause difficulties in walking, sore joints, irritability, vulnerability to diseases, dementia, and other conditions, there are still steps any owner can take to…

July 4th Pet Safety Tips

The 4th of July is nearly upon us, and with it comes a lot of anxiety and stress for many of our beloved pets. As much as we humans enjoy our backyard barbecues, pool parties, and fireworks, July 4th offers a risk of danger in the minds of our canine and feline friends, especially in…

Can Dogs Have Allergies?

Oh, Spring. The sun is out, the flowers are in bloom, and children are enjoying the outdoors. Everyone is happy—except for those of us suffering from seasonal allergies. We’re too busy blowing our noses to stop and smell the roses, and our eyes are too itchy and watery for us to see all the greenery…

Protecting Your Pets From Dangerous Plants

Protecting Your Pets From Dangerous Plants

Hunger and curiosity can make for a bad combination. I don’t know about your pet, but most seem to have both traits in spades. The second pets get outside, they often sniff and munch on anything they see from grass to strange plants. And if your pet can’t eat it, you can bet he’ll roll…

Dog Safety Tips for the Backyard

Dog Safety Tips for the Backyard

In Jack London’s famous novel, Call of the Wild, a mild-mannered and cuddly Saint Bernard named Buck finds himself fighting for survival and leading a team of sled dogs through the dangerous and frigid Yukon. Throughout the book, cute little Buck develops his inner primal instincts to fight off wild animals, brave the arctic cold,…

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