overweight pets our vets are here to helpPet ownership brings a lot of joy into our lives, and our four-legged friends are part of the family. As with any family member, good health is a priority for our pets as well as the human members of the family.

Keeping our cats and dogs at a healthy weight is one of the responsibilities of owning a pet, and it is not something to be neglected.

There are many components to pet health in addition to regular visits to the vet. Nutrition and exercise are the two most impactful on our pets’ weight and overall level of physical fitness. If your pet is overweight, now is the time to do something about it. Do not wait any longer because as they age our dogs and cats can be adversely affected by unhealthy weight and poor nutrition.

3 Tips To Consider To Keep Your Pets Healthy


Dogs and cats should be well filled out and not emaciated, and at the same time, they should not be so overweight that their bodies hold little to no definition. Dogs need to have an hourglass shape where there is an indentation at their back quarters. This hourglass figure is a sign of a good and healthy weight level. Their bellies should be close to their bodies and not hanging down toward the floor. If your dog or cat has difficulty walking or has become more sedentary, it may be time to visit your vet.


Even though our pets are part of the family, we do not need to feed them as such. One of the first steps to begin your pet’s weight loss program is to stop feeding them any people food. Our food is not meant for their digestive tracts and in addition to causing them weight gain, it can also create health problems. Do not give your pet table scraps or special treats consisting of human food.

The next step is to regulate their dog food intake and to make sure that they are receiving a healthy food that will not contribute to weight gain. Take a look at their snacks and treats and see if there is room to cut down on those. Baby carrots and green beans can make good, healthy snacks, but check with your vet before you give them to your pet.


Dogs make great exercise companions and increasing their walking habits can be healthful for both you and them. If you have a house cat that is putting on some extra pounds consider a fluffy toy attached to a rod by fishing wire. These toys allow the cat to pounce and move around a bit more than usual. Be sure that your pet is receiving a good amount of stimulation and is not sedentary for the entire day. There are many toys for both cats and dogs that encourage exercise. Physical exercise will make your pet happier and it will give you another opportunity for you to bond with them.

If you are concerned about your pet’s weight, contact cedarparkvet.com today to set up an appointment with one of our caring veterinarians!